Sold China Mobile for a profit of $1108.68

2017May-China Mobile Ltd-800x600

Sell China Mobile 86.9

Sold off all my 3,500 shares, profit $1108.68 at 2.09%. Close off my position once it has hit my target selling price at $86.9.

Apparently, the recent OPEC meeting result has been neutral as has been expected and digested by the market. Currently, researching on another stock, which might be another opportunity for me to re-enter the market.

Invest $53,564.49 in China Mobile

2017May-China Mobile Ltd-800x600

Few days back, I have invested in one of the leading china state owned telco company listed in HK after the 39 years old Emmanuel Macron won the France presidential election against his opponent Marine Le Pen.

Currently, with a return of investment 1%, capital gain of $538.39. As usual, will continue monitoring my position and wait for the target sell price.

In couple of weeks’ time, the ex-dividend date for China Mobile will be on the 2/6/2017 and dividend payable date on the 28/6/2017 on the same month.

For our note, majority of the markets are at their all-time high, therefore the investors should be aware of the risk and not abruptly enter the market.

Sold Power Assets Holdings for a profit of $1402.38

2017May-Power Assets Holdings Ltd.-800x600


Sell Power Assets 70.5 2

Sold off all my 4,500 shares, profit $1402.38 at 2.53%.

Unlikely, I will consider to reinvest after year 2019 due to the official Brexit, which could potentially impact the British pound, affecting the business, since more than 60% of its assets are invested in UK.

Apparently, this coming weekend will be the second round for the France election.  Seems like Emmanuel Macron stands a higher chance in winning against Marine Le Pen. However, due to the irrational mindset of the voters, it will be difficult to predict, especially the results from Brexit & US president election have demonstrate nothing is impossible.

Therefore, I have decided to close off my position once it has hit my second target selling price at $70.5

Should Marine Le Pen win the coming week election, there might be good opportunities to enter the market. The quick rebound of the market should be the same as Brexit & US president election. Investors should not be too pessimistic over it.

This coming month of May is to take note of the OPEC Meeting on the 25th.

Invest $55,385.37 in Power Assets Holdings

Power Assets 67.700

Few days back, I have invested in one of the blue-chip energy company listed in HK. As we know, Fed have just rise the interest rate & there will be further rate hike this year 2017.

Nonetheless, there isn’t any uproar with the recent Holland election, the next country election will be France, follow by Germany. Which we need to watch out for.

In year 2015, there’s a merger talk for Power Assets but fail. So, it’s likely in the future, the talk will remain. And, it will be the catalyst, for those long-term shareholders to expect a significant share price increase, if it’s successful. It will be icing on the cake, if it happens this year, provided if I am still holding it.

Meanwhile, need to touch up for my final year MBA thesis to be submitted next week and after that will be working on my business startup.

Donate 10 packets of rice to the needy elderly


Recently, went praying to the temples near my home and donated 10 packets of rice to the needy elderly. According to the Chinese metaphysics, by conducting good deeds, it will help the person destiny in all aspect. One of the element is wealth, which is related to investment.

In spite of that, there are companies doing it for publicity, which detest me. Therefore, we should not do it for a specific ill cause or intention, but with good faith to help the unfortunate one with an open heart.

Sold Tracker Fund for a profit of $2934.28

Sell Tracker 24.20 Chart


Sell Tracker 24.200 2

Sold off all my 16,500 shares, profit $2934.28 at 4.19%.

Meanwhile, I will just sit on my butt and wait for opportunities to invest, if there’s any. Especially, the Europe election starting in March 2017 onwards which I have mention in my previous post, there might be good opportunities to enter the market and profit from it.

The Dow Jones has break the 20,000 points, what happen to my Tracker Fund?

23.55 Tracker Fund

Recently, the Dow Jones has break the 20,000 points. The HK Tracker fund which I have invested, gap up, moving my existing profit to 2.17%, which is $1515.525, however I will still continue to hold it till it reaches my target sell price or others.

For our note, this year 2017, will be a year full of political risks starting from March to Sept/October due to the election from Europe starting with Holland, follow by France, lastly by Germany. Therefore, the market tends to be more volatile during these period.

Invest $70,017.83 in HK ETF – Tracker Fund


Ever since I have sold off my DBS, the share price have rally to a high of 17.5 yesterday. Apparently, I have received feedback from reader, that I should have wait and sold it at the high. Being a good investor, we should stick with our opinion and not regretting on our buy and sell decision. Obviously, we are not god; therefore, we do not know where the high and low for the stock market.

The cute thing is when the people are too immerse in the rising share price and think it will continue to go up forever and act with a lot of commotion. When they are losing money, they will just keep quiet about it.

For those readers who have been following my blog does have the transparency on my profit and loss.

Investing is a marathon thus we should be looking forward and not harp on the past. There will always be opportunity to make money from the stock market.

And, few days back, I have invest in one of the ETF (Tracker Fund) listed in HK. On the 5th of Dec 2016, the Hong Kong and Shenzhen link will be established; will it be the catalyst to trigger a rise for the HK stock market?