Are you in the rat race?

It happens that most people are stuck in the rat race working hard for other people, deeply in debt and worried about keeping their job or having enough money for retirement.

However, it’s never too young to start to escape from the rat race to achieve financial freedom. To achieve financial freedom, we need to know how to make money work hard for you rather we working hard for the money, which most people are doing it.

My main assets are in stocks,REITs and others.  And those assets actually put money in my pocket & they are called “Dividends”. At the same time watching & controlling my expenses and with those dividends, I will buy more assets to make more income year over year. Therefore, the money will keep flowing into my pockets like a cash machine and without working at a job.

In a nutshell, if you want to be rich and be financial free, buy more assets instead liabilities.