Stock markets for year 2012

This year 2011, the world stock markets have taken us all on a roller coaster ride. The truth is that we live in an unpredictable world and nobody knows the future including the world greatest investor – Mr Warren Buffett.

I wish I could tell you what future holds if there’s a crystal ball.

But, that does not mean, we won’t have another stock market crash after the Global financial crisis in year 2008 especially the Europe zone are not doing well at the moment.

So what can we do?  Should we continue to invest in the market? Sold all our holdings and hold onto cash?

The truth is that there are still a lot of reasonably priced good quality stocks available in the market that pay good dividend. Therefore, I will still continue to buy those good companies with decent dividend histories that are undervalue. At the same time, saving up more cash, waiting for the next stock market crash.