Do you like hot tips?

Most people of the people who I have encounter in shares investing, are always asking for hot tip. They hope this hot tip will helps them to make quick money in the market. Apparently, such approach does not work most of the time & I would consider it as buying lottery ticket.

Even I tell them what to buy, they will not know how much to buy and when to sell or should they be holding or selling it.

And that’s a sad thing, as time goes by, I am quite certain that they will lose more money in shares market instead building their wealth.

The approach which I have mention, do not require the person to have special stock picking abilities and they could just focus to build up their income stream from the dividends.

As these stream of income getting bigger over the years, it will offer them a choice to financial freedom or they could choose to continue to work without worries. Therefore, they have a choice to do so.

No special stocking skill, just simply buy good quality companies and collect dividends.

After so many years of investing, the only thing that still continues to give me pleasure is to see my dividends pouring in and getting a pay raise when the companies increase their dividends.