Should you worry when there is a huge sell off for Singtel shares?


Past few days, Temasek holdings have sold million of Singtel shares as part of its portfolio rebalancing.

Is the market overheated?

A bear market coming?

Nevertheless, most retail investors get worry and will sold their shares as well. Should they understand the past history how Temasek holdings handle their Singtel shares, they should not be worry about it.

When, I saw the news, I am not surprise at all because years back, I have already read & try to understand Temasek holdings investment background. Apparently, Singtel operate a defensive business & due to this huge sell off, the dividend yield is around 5%.

Oversold signal has also been identified for Stochastic and RSI.

Technical traders should watch out for possible Stochastic bearish crossover signal at the oversold region for confirmation.

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