Typical mentality to go for capital gain only

Few days back, I bought some shares & prior to that I also know of the Account manager who has business dealing with my company.

To the rest, most will tend to ask, can buy into your company shares? As for me, it’s more asking questions how’s the company doing, who are their competitors, future plans going ahead, which business segment earns the most revenue, management treatment to their own staffs, etc.

The Account manager starts to ask me, what price I bought them. And he told me that I should I have bought it before it starts to rally, to go for the capital gain.

The true fact, I do not have a crystal ball to tell, is this share going up or down but in certain extent, I am able to value it to come up with the fair value. Since, it’s trading below its fair value, I will buy into it. Should the share price drop further, I will not hesitate to buy more to accumulate them and have more income from the dividends.

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