Key considerations to attend Investment Seminars

In regardless, on any weekday or weekend newspaper, we will always see quite number of advertisements on Stock, Property, Forex seminars.

There are many seminars offered by individuals who call themselves as “experts” or “gurus” and if you are considering attending any one of them, do look at their real investment track record to back up their claims.

A very simple question you have to ask yourself, If they are not making money from the market, do you think after attending their lessons, you will also make money from the market as well?

Nevertheless, some of them even claim that they would like to contribute back to the charity. One side, they are making tons of money from their programs and the other side, there is no sign on charity works. Which I am very disappointed when they make such claims.

And, I do know some trainer boasting his or his student’s track records but fails to show any evidence. Some of them actually make up fake records or information to deceive the public to attend their courses.

Moreover, majority of them actually charges a very high course fees for their courses which can run into thousands of dollars without substance.

Personally, there’s nothing wrong to make a living out of training and coaching but please do it with integrity.

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