Buy or sell your gold holdings

Gold is always a commodity favorite among the investors. In good time, gold price will fall and in bad time, gold price will rise.

From the feedback I gather, most investors are losing money on it coz they bought the gold at high price.

What should they do, if their gold holding is making the loss?

Spread the average cost of purchase on a longer time period instead purchasing it on a monthly basis. However, the investors have to prepare to hold it for a long time, to see it break-even.

On portfolio basis, Gold should only hold a stake of 5 to 10% stake. And, most investors invest more than it require.

From the attached chart, Gold with low volume will be approaching the support at $131.21. Stochastic has shown overbought signal. Should it break this support, the next support area will be around $124, follow by $120.


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