Should you buy into Yongmao Holdings?

It’s been a long time since I have written my last blog since Sept this year. The past few months I am busy with my work and some other professional examinations. Therefore, I would like to say sorry to the readers who have been following & grateful for your support all this while.

Past few days I read an article on this company (Yongmao Holdings) a company that actually deals with towercranes. 30% of the tower cranes in Singapore are by them and their main focus are mainly in china.

As long anything appear in the news, magazine, newspapers and others, I will consider it outdated. However, some of the investors will still buy into the company stocks once they see or hear about it. Please refrain from doing so.

Importantly, China will be changing their economic model from the past to internal consumption; will means there will be lesser money being spent on infrastructure projects. Which means Yongmao will not benefit and this will impact their revenue going forward.

In regardless, in Singapore, China, there are construction activities going on & by observing it, it’s obvious that things are much slower and lesser compare previously.

Nevertheless, Yongmao being illiquid with unattractive yield, I will urge the rest not to go into it, thinking it cans still taps onto the China high growth story.

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