Invest $55,385.37 in Power Assets Holdings

Power Assets 67.700

Few days back, I have invested in one of the blue-chip energy company listed in HK. As we know, Fed have just rise the interest rate & there will be further rate hike this year 2017.

Nonetheless, there isn’t any uproar with the recent Holland election, the next country election will be France, follow by Germany. Which we need to watch out for.

In year 2015, there’s a merger talk for Power Assets but fail. So, it’s likely in the future, the talk will remain. And, it will be the catalyst, for those long-term shareholders to expect a significant share price increase, if it’s successful. It will be icing on the cake, if it happens this year, provided if I am still holding it.

Meanwhile, need to touch up for my final year MBA thesis to be submitted next week and after that will be working on my business startup.


    • Passive Dividend Investor says

      Hi Kyith,

      indeed, it’s could be considered as a good dividend stock that comes with business diversification globally. However, the rise of interest rate could impact the REITs and Infrastructure stock.


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